Manufacturing Technology Development and On-Demand Production

Grid Logic develops new manufacturing technologies and provides low-rate initial production or ongoing on-demand production based on its advanced manufacturing methods. Our approach gives companies the ability to investigate new technologies and launch products with less risk and more flexibility than other alternatives.  We collaborate with our clients from materials selection, through design, to manufacturing development and production.  As our clients’ new product demand increases, we can scale up production at Grid Logic or transition manufacturing lines to their facilities.

On-Demand Production of Components and Powdered Materials

Grid Logic offers a transition path from development of a new product or manufacturing technology to full-scale production. We perform initial production runs and low-rate ongoing production of powdered materials and high-performance components as an extension of our development work. Production can be performed on our existing systems for short runs, or we can build dedicated production lines that we operate at Grid Logic’s facility.

Grid Logic’s component production systems operate in low oxygen (<1ppm O2) inert atmosphere boxes and in other controlled and open air environments for handling a wide variety of materials.  Capabilities include:

  • Micro-Induction Sintering for 3D printing
  • Micro-Induction Cladding using robotic arms or gantries for repetitive production or repair operations
  • Micro-Induction materials texturing and surface treatment
  • Cold isostatic press powder compaction
  • Powder-in-tube wire drawing
  • CNC and other conventional machining

Grid Logic’s powder development and production facility operates in low oxygen (<1ppm O2)inert atmosphere boxes with:

  • Proprietary and third-party milling and cryomilling systems
  • Furnaces
  • Sputtering and other material deposition equipment
  • Materials characterization capabilities include: vibrating sample magnetometer, x-ray diffractometer, laser diffraction particle size analyzer, scanning electron and metallurgical microscopes, pycnometers, and porosimeters and other materials properties testing equipment
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development

Grid Logic is at the forefront of manufacturing technology development. We invented a fundamentally new additive manufacturing and we are actively creating systems for producing parts with a wide variety of advanced materials. Our innovations for component fabrication range from 3D printing systems, to cladding systems, to new methods of non-destructive evaluation. We have made significant breakthroughs in materials production from micro-scale powder coating to nanostructuring. We have significantly reduced the production costs of medium temperature superconducting nanocomposites and are working on innovations in high temperature superconducting materials.