Encapsulated Powder

Core/Shell Particle and Sensitive Material Powders

Grid Logic develops particle encapsulation systems for coating fine powders with thin layers. We use these systems to produce powdered materials for customers. We also create customized systems for our customer’s use at their facilities.

Our particle encapsulation systems sputter coat particles to form thin conformal shells on targeted micron-scale or larger powdered materials. We can overcome problems with wet-chemistry, atomic layer deposition, and plasma-enhanced deposition techniques in which reactions degrade the core or shell materials.

Nanostructured Materials

Nanostructured powders are an emerging class of materials that have a heterogeneous core/shell architecture. The interactions between a core particle and an enveloping single, or multi-layer coating results in unique properties when nano-scale shell dimensions are achieved.

Grid Logic’s Superconducting Nanocomposites are an instance of such materials that exhibit macroscopic quantum phenomena. Quantum interactions between core and shell materials, when appropriately thin dimensions are achieved, result in induced superconductivity in the matrix material that permits a superconducting current to be carried in wires that can be kilometers long.

Grid Logic builds and operates systems for producing nanostructured materials with electromagnetic, reactive, strength-to-weight and other properties that cannot be achieved through a simple random mixing of the constituent materials.