Superconducting Nanocomposites

A New Class of Low-Cost, High-Performance Superconducting Materials

Grid Logic pioneered a new class of Superconducting Nanocomposite (ScNc™) materials that are less expensive than high temperature superconducting materials. They are more mechanically robust and have ideal electromagnetic properties for power applications. Superconducting nanocomposites can be engineered for specific performance characteristics and can be formed as monolithic parts or as wires, eliminating many problems encountered when building superconducting components.superconducting_green-1 ScNc materials are possible because of a well-known property of superconductivity called the proximity effect. The proximity effect is a nano-scale phenomenon in which certain metals in contact with a superconductor are induced to be superconducting for a short distance near the superconductor/metal interface. ScNc is a nanostructured material prepared as a powder in which sub-micron sized superconducting particles are encapsulated with thin layers of metals. The exterior layers of each of these particles are joined to form a binding matrix that forms the bulk superconducting component. Proximity effect-based materials are not well suited for high field applications but are excellent foundations for high current and fault current conductors. The mechanical robustness of ScNc makes this material an excellent choice for applications where components are subject to thermal and mechanical stresses during installation or operation.

Grid Logic has extensively developed magnesium diboride-based ScNc materials with a variety of metal matrix alternatives. Other superconducting core material solutions are possible under the ScNc architecture.  Desired superconducting material behavior can be engineered in the ScNc architecture by adjusting the superconducting and matrix material combinations.

Superconducting Component Fabrication

Customized Wires and Bulk Components Using ScNc and High Temperature Superconducting Materials

single and multi-filamentSuperconducting Nanocomposites can be used to form wires and bulk components. Wires are typically sheathed in copper, although other materials can be used.  Grid Logic produces round ScNc wires in either single- or multi-filament configurations.

Bulk ScNc components do not require sheathing and can be formed into complex 2-dimensional printed or 3-dimensional geometric shapes.

Grid Logic also fabricates customized high temperature superconducting components using a variety of materials.